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Energy-savings and versatile use throughout the house

Whether ceiling, wall or floor, whether renovation or new construction: Our multi-award-winning surface heating and cooling system, aquatherm black system, scores with its versatility and offers an energy-saving solution for almost all application areas.

aquatherm black system can not only heat, but also cool. It can be combined with almost all regular heat or cold generators, such as heat pumps, gas or oil heaters, condensing boiler technology or refrigeration units. The radiant heat ensures a consistent, pleasant temperature throughout the house. The system operates at much lower flow temperatures compared to traditional heating systems, thus keeping the energy costs low. Drafts and dust floating through the building are a thing of the past. And the freedom of design in the rooms has no limits compared to the installation of radiators.

Especially in old buildings, the installation of a classic surface heating or cooling system is associated with problems: often conventional systems cannot be used because the required construction height is not available, or in wood beam ceilings, an additional screed layer causes static load problems. aquatherm black system provides a remedy: Thanks to its low installation height, which is only 24.5 millimetres including collector, mounting rails and connections, the loss of room height is miniscule. Instead of a screed layer, the system can for example be mounted on a large chipboard or between existing wooden beams. The installation takes place quickly, because aquatherm black system, which consists of the corrosion-resistant plastic polypropylene, is delivered to the construction site as a finished register –the customer determines the size. So, it can be easily laid even in difficult areas such as the ceiling

Product benefits:

aquatherm black system:

  • pleasant temperatures thanks to radiant heat
  • provides BOTH heating and cooling
  • energy-saving operation
  • works ideally with heat pumps
  • versatile use in ceiling, wall and floor
  • suitable for new construction and renovation
  • corrosion-free

Use in the shower area

aquatherm black system:

aquatherm black system grids provide cosy warmth in the shower area. Cold radiating tiles along with mould formation belong to the past. The individual adaptability to the shower size and the shower fitting enables installation in both new and old buildings. aquatherm black system can be connected and combined with the existing heating appliance or underfloor heating system.


  • comfortable heat in the shower
  • individually adaptable to shower size and fitting
  • installation possible in new and old buildings



Old houses hold many surprises. The family Masur had to realize that, as they undertook the rehabilitation of a farm from 1896. For example, standard heating solutions were almost impossible. Thanks to an innovative product from aquatherm, solutions were found even for difficult areas.

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Technical catalogue

For detailed information about our products, please refer to the technical catalogue.


aquatherm black system
awarded with the „PLUS X AWARD“.


BVF Award in Berlin 2016 for pioneering project HUF City Living

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