Achieving sustainability goals with aquatherm piping systems



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17 goals to change the world: In 2015, the global community developed a roadmap for the future with the “Agenda 2030”. This should enable a dignified life worldwide and preserve the natural foundations of life in the long term. We at aquatherm would like to contribute with all our actions to achieve these goals. Our sustainable products, comprehensive service and leading expert knowledge are part of the solution on the way to a climate-neutral life.

We are also a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB e.V.) and, together with the non-profit organization, are looking for ways and solutions to build for tomorrow today.

Climate change


Released CO2 is the main problem of climate change: this enters the atmosphere and intensifies the greenhouse effect – the earth continues to heat up.

We are convinced that we humans will find solutions to meet this challenge and thus also significantly reduce CO2 emissions in all sectors.

Construction industry


The construction industry is responsible for 36% of global energy consumption and 39% of energy- and process-related CO2 emissions.*

The construction industry has already begun to face up to this responsibility. In order to achieve the final goal of a “net zero building” over the entire life cycle, the
but the steps are still too small.

More courageous and visionary pioneers are needed, who will show the right way
and set an example for the entire industry.

Green products

help to the CO2-emissions to minimize.

Consideration of sustainability


Life cycle assessments (LCA) or environmental product declarations (EPD) are important tools that present the impact of a product on the environment and allow comparisons of environmental performance between different products.

Aspects such as energy efficiency, heat and pressure loss, durability, pollutants and recyclability are considered.

Exceptionally environmentally friendly


The European Plastic Pipe Association TEPPFA analyzed the environmental impact of plastic pipe systems as part of its EPD project. The result: plastic pipe systems have excellent environmental performance in various areas of application, leaving a smaller ecological footprint than pipe systems made of other materials.

A pipeline system made of polypropylene (25 mm, SDR 7.4), for example, has approximately seven times lower CO2 emissions than a comparable steel pipe.

Success through consistent environmental protection


We live environmental protection – and do so consistently. All corporate processes are geared to conserving valuable resources, minimizing energy use, and avoiding or recycling waste.

We developed the first fiber composite pipeas early as 1999. This required significantly less energy in the production process than the conventional aluminum
composite pipe.


Plastic piping systems

make a valuable contribution to the creation and use of climate-neutral buildings.


The use of “green” aquatherm products significantly improves the environmental balance in
many areas of application.

Sustainable local and district heating projects can be realized by the pre-insulated aquatherm TI pipe system for underground installation.

With the low flow temperature of 35°C of our surface heating and cooling system aquatherm black system buildings are air-conditioned extremely energy-efficient.

aquatherm products: Environmental impact at a glance

Environmental product declarations are important – for the construction industry and thus for us and our customers. That is why we have had our products evaluated according to the “cradle to gate” concept. Our environmental product declarations are available for the following product groups:

aquatherm green/blue S/MF pipe

aquatherm green/blue S/MF pipe

aquatherm green/blue S/MF pipe

aquatherm green/blue S/MF pipe

aquatherm red pipe S/MF

aquatherm black system

Advantages of aquatherm piping systems

Product features

  • lower thermal conductivity (0.15 W/mK)
  • Lifetime > 50 years
  • No incrustation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Product properties remain unchanged over the entire service life


Virtually no VOC (Volatile Organic Carbon)

Contribution to low-pollution building (air exchange rate 0.75)

  • no pollutant emission into the room air
  • no pollutant release to water
  • no emission of pollutants in buildings
  • no plasticizers like bisphenol
  • odorless
  • tasteless


Recycling by service life


Goal 6: With our aquatherm green pipe system, we secure the drinking water supply in many countries around the world.
Goal 7: Over 60% of aquatherm’s total energy consumption is covered by renewable energy.


Goal 8: Our “Occupational Health Management” includes numerous actions and information that improve the occupational safety and health protection of our employees.


Goal 9: In keeping with the spirit of our company founder and pioneer of the time, Gerhard Rosenberg, our Research and Development department works continuously to create new innovative products and improve existing ones. Our manufacturing facilities are among the most modern of their kind in the world.


Goal 12: We process the raw material polypropylene, which is characterized by long service life and very good environmental compatibility and recyclability. In addition, the use of “green” aquatherm products significantly improves the environmental balance in many areas of application.


Goal 13: All company processes are geared toward conserving valuable resources, minimizing energy use, and avoiding or recycling waste.