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Moncalvo, Italy


The challenge

Connecting the tent domes to the hot and cold water supply as well as heating and cooling presented challenges for the planners of the Orsolina28 construction project. At the same time, this was to be done using the most ecological materials possible.


The solution

aquatherm products made of the plastic polypropylene were chosen because of their significantly lower CO2 emissions compared to steel pipes. The buried variant ti with PUR rigid foam and a casing pipe made of PE is ideally suited to transport water safely and efficiently over longer distances.



Drinking Water



aquatherm energy



aquatherm pipelines supply tent domes drinking water, heating and cooling – Orsolina28 is a place dedicated to the arts.

The dance center in Moncalvo in the Italian region of Piedmont was founded in 2016 in an 18th century farmhouse. This once housed the convent of the Orsoline sisters – hence the name Orsolina. The area has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the bond with nature is palpable everywhere in this place.

Numerous students, choreographers, companies and international artists have trained and held workshops at the Dance Sports Center over the years. The dance studios allow a view of the hills of the Monferrato region, while the open-air stage offers a panoramic view of the entire valley. To make guests feel completely at home, the Le Magnolie guesthouse was built, offering overnight accommodations, as well as a restaurant. The food prepared here is mainly products grown on the premises of Orsolina28. The entire project is completely plastic-free, and only electric means of transport are used on the premises. Electricity is generated by photovoltaics.

The latest project of Orsolina28 fits perfectly into this concept: in the midst of the vineyards, ecological Glamourous Camping, in short Glamping, is offered to the guests from now on. Permanent tents have been created on a modern campsite, designed as domes in reference to the geometric shape of the earth. Guests have the opportunity to live and stay in the open air without sacrificing comfort. The 28 tents for 4 (20 m²) or 6 people (37 m²) are equipped with cooling and heating air systems, WIFI connection, electrical outlets and sanitary facilities.

ecological material demanded

The comfortable furnishing of the domes desired by the client presented the planners of the building project with challenges. Because they had to connect the tents to the hot and cold water supply as well as heating and cooling. At the same time, this should be done with materials that are as ecological as possible – in keeping with the Orsolina28 concept. Planner Paolo Camagna from Asti therefore opted for products from aquatherm.

aquatherm is the world‘s leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems made of polypropylene (PP) for plant construction and building services. Studies prove significantly lower CO2 emissions of PP pipes compared to other raw materials. aquatherm processes this raw material, which is characterized by a long service life and very good environmental compatibility and recyclability. The plastic waste resulting from the economic and production process is mostly recycled internally and partially processed into new products. „The sustainability of the products and their complete recyclability convinced the client,“ explains the installation company AS Impianti from Borgaretto in the province of Turin, which undertook the installation of the pipelines.

underground installation ensures safe and efficient transport over long distances

aquatherm green was used for the drinking water supply in the domes. The corrosion-resistant piping system ensures that the drinking water quality is permanently maintained. aquatherm green is not only odorless as well as tasteless, but physiologically and microbiologically harmless and has proven its technical suitability in decades of worldwide application. The production of aquatherm green requires much less energy than the production of metal piping systems. For example, the production of aquatherm green 160 mm SDR 7.4 releases about 83 percent less CO2 than a comparable steel pipe. The system thus leaves a significantly smaller ecological footprint.

To transport the drinking water from the main house to the individual domes, the installation company used the buried version of the system, aquatherm energy, for around 630 meters. It is ideally suited for transporting water safely and efficiently over longer distances. The carrier pipe, made of the fiber-reinforced aquatherm green, is insulated with PUR rigid foam and enclosed in a PE casing pipe to protect it from damage by the surrounding soil.

“With aquatherm piping systems, there are no mechanical joints; instead, the pipes are joined together by heating and fused into a homogeneous unit,“ says AS Impianti. “This means maximum safety and durability.”

aquatherm energy was also used for the connection to the heating and cooling services, including the new condensing boiler, but with the aquatherm blue. Its physical properties are adapted to the special needs of the heating and cooling sector. It is characterised by its high temperature and pressure resistance. Added to this are the exceptionally good welding properties and the high intrinsic insulation value. Over 1000 meters of the system were used. “The weight of the pipes also made installation much easier,“ explains AS Impianti. “Since the polypropylene pipes are significantly lighter than metal pipes, logistics on the construction site were simplified.“


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