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Are you looking for a pipe system to connect your radiators or panel heating systems to the heat generator? With aquatherm blue we offer you a complete solution.

Whether heat pump, oil/gas heating, pellet or solar - our specialist is suitable for almost every application in the field of heating piping. Thanks to its exceptionally high temperature and pressure resistance, you get a system that guarantees a maximum service life due to its 100% secure connection method.

Damage due to corrosion, which can occur with metal piping systems, is a thing of the past with aquatherm blue pipe, because it is made of the corrosion-resistant plastic polypropylene. The system contains - in combination with the aquatherm green fittings - all components for the pipe installation of air conditioning and heating systems.

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Specialising in the transport of cooling and heating media in closed systems and part of the solution for many industrial applications, AQUATHERM BLUE is almost an all-rounder. Further information and materials about AQUATHERM BLUE can be found in our download area.

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