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Heating and cooling networks are becoming increasingly important. The advantages are obvious: a central system supplies several buildings up to entire cities or conurbations with heat for heating and hot water or cooling for air conditioning via underground pipelines.

Compared to district heating/cooling, local heating/cooling transports water over relatively short distances, so the systems have lower losses and lower temperatures. The investment costs are usually significantly lower than the costs for building services, which would be necessary for each individual building. In addition, the central system works extremely efficiently. However, the right choice of piping system is crucial.


With aquatherm energy you get a pre-insulated pipe system for underground installation, which is ideally suited to transport heating and cooling water safely and efficiently over longer distances. The aquatherm blue or aquatherm green service pipe is insulated with PUR rigid foam and enclosed in a PE casing pipe to protect it from damage by the surrounding soil. Only fibre composite pipes are used as carrier pipe, which are ideal for underground installation due to their low linear expansion.

All aquatherm pipes are made of the corrosion-resistant material fusiolen® PP-R/ PP-RP, which is characterised, among other things, by very good weldability and a high self-insulating value. The low weight facilitates the installation on site.

Low linear expansion
Corrosion resistant
High impact strength
Low weight
High self insulating value

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