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Advantages at a glance


No draughts, therefore maximum comfort
Silent operation
No additional dust exposure
Natural storage capacity of the building is retained
Optimum solution for renovation and refurbishment
Modular design, quick and easy installation
Even temperature distribution
Diffusion-tight design
Low installation height
High degree of architectural design freedom
High energy efficiency
Product information


aquatherm black is a multi-award-winning surface heating and cooling system. Versatile in use, manufactured in a compact register design and equipped with future-proof technology - these are some of the key features of aquatherm black. What makes it special: It can be installed in the ceiling as well as in walls and floors. Depending on requirements, the surface temperature of the grids can be set a few degrees above or below the desired room temperature. The radiant energy provides either pleasant warmth or cooling without disturbing draughts or swirling up dust.

aquatherm black works in an energy-saving manner thanks to perfect control technology. The system is ideal for use with low-temperature systems such as heat pumps. Building owners and architects can enjoy the flexible areas of application and the associated design freedom: whether as a cooling ceiling in the office, as wall heating in the bathroom or as underfloor heating in a renovated old building - the possibilities are virtually unlimited. After all, the panel heating and cooling elements can be installed in drywall construction, plastered ceilings, walls or suspended coffered ceilings and are invisible afterwards.

Technical concept

Convection versus radiant heat

Radiant heat and convection heat are two different methods of heating a building. Radiant heat uses radiant energy to heat objects and people directly, while convection heat heats the air in a room, which then circulates and warms the room. Radiant heat offers several advantages over convection heat in terms of energy efficiency and comfort.

Advantages of radiant heat

Radiant heat is generally more energy efficient than convection heat as it heats objects and people directly instead of heating the air. Consequently, less energy is required to maintain the desired temperature in a room and there is less heat loss through windows, walls and ceilings.

Radiant heat offers a more even and comfortable heat distribution than convection heat. This is because radiant heat warms objects and people, which then radiate heat back into the room, creating a more even and comfortable temperature. With convection heat, the warm air rises towards the ceiling, making the lower part of the room colder and creating thermal bridges.

Radiant heat is also healthier than convection heat because it does not dry out the air and does not create air currents that can spread dust and allergens. This is particularly important for people with allergies or respiratory diseases.

Radiant heating systems are generally quieter than convection heating systems. With convection heating systems, noise can occur when the air circulates, especially in systems with forced ventilation.

Radiant heating systems can be designed to be more aesthetically pleasing than convection heating systems. Radiant heat can be integrated into floors, walls or ceilings, which gives architects and interior designers more design options.

Technical details

What should you know about the technical features of AQUATHERM BLACK?

aquatherm black registers are available in four connection types:

Register width: 0.24 - 0.48 m

Register length: 0.60 - 2.00 m



aquatherm black is made exclusively from fusiolen® PP-R. Its physical properties are tailored to the special requirements of the heating and cooling sector. Continuous temperatures of 60° C can be run without any problems. As a rule, aquatherm black is operated at much lower flow temperatures than conventional underfloor heating systems. In combination with the aquatherm blue pipework system (made of fusiolen® PP-RCT) for air conditioning, heating and plant technology, aquatherm offers a complete solution for heating and cooling generators.

Frequently asked questions

Questions that customers often ask about AQUATHERM BLACK

Plug/clamp connection

Our innovative system uses a smart "plug-in/clamp connection" to connect the energy registers quickly and reliably. Installation is simple thanks to a flexible and bendable connection pipe that works with spring band clamps. Attach the end of the pipe to the connection piece and push it as far as it will go with light pressure. Then slide the spring band clamp up to the second stop on the connection piece and release the pre-tension. Our system not only offers maximum functionality, but is also easy to use. The plug-in clamp connection can be released mechanically. You can use standard hand pliers for spring band clamps to easily remove the connection.


During heating element socket welding, the connecting parts are heated; the plastic melts to form a tight and inseparable connection. Double material thickness at the connection point - this means double safety at the otherwise critical point of a pipework system. With aquatherm fusion technology, you can quickly create a permanently tight connection!


See also aquatherm black processing


The basic idea behind aquatherm black is the well-being of the room users: the aim is to create a thermally balanced room. The principle of aquatherm black technology is therefore not to heat and circulate the air, but rather to radiate heat from the temperature-controlled walls or ceilings directly to the room or person. A cosy warmth, as the heating surface temperature can be set low due to the relatively large heating surfaces. This is an advantage compared to small, hot surfaces such as radiators or convectors.

Due to the lower flow temperature (25-35 °C), the systems are ideal in combination with heat generation at a lower temperature level. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for utilising condensing boiler technology and alternative energies, such as solar, geothermal and waste heat. Another thermally based advantage is the lower air movement. The result is less swirling of house dust and more even humidity. In total, the wall or ceiling heating saves 25-30% on energy costs and makes an important contribution to a healthy indoor climate and maintaining the value of the building. Of course, the aquatherm black can be combined for walls and ceilings.


Moderate excess temperatures (25-35 °C) with large heating surfaces create a uniform radiation balance for the user. Direct heat radiation on the human body is perceived as cosy warmth. The air temperature can be lower compared to conventional heating technologies (radiators/convectors) and yet the thermal comfort for the room user is maintained.

aquatherm black is made exclusively from fusiolen® PP-R. This material is characterised by its special high heat and extraction stability. The physical properties are tailored to the special requirements of the heating and cooling sector. The exceptionally good welding properties and the fusion into a homogeneous and cohesive unit offer maximum safety and durability. fusiolen® PP-R is also characterised by its high temperature and pressure resistance. Continuous temperatures of 70 °C can be run without any problems.

As a rule, aquatherm black is operated at much lower flow temperatures than conventional underfloor heating systems. The actual stress on the material is therefore lower. Furthermore, fusiolen® offers excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals. In combination with the aquatherm blue pipework system (also made of fusiolen® PP-R) for air conditioning, heating and plant technology, aquatherm offers a complete solution from the heat or cold generator.

Product information AQUATHERM BLUE

As a specialist for the transport of cooling and heating media in closed systems as well as part of the solution for many industrial applications, AQUATHERM BLUE is almost an all-rounder. Gain an initial overview of the capabilities of AQUATHERM BLUE.

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