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Climate protection, green energy and clean water.  With all our actions, we want to contribute to preserving the natural foundations of life everywhere in the world.

Our sustainable products, our comprehensive service and our leading expert knowledge are part of the solution on the way to a climate-neutral life. For this reason, we have developed the "Mission 2025" with numerous internal and external measures. In this way, we support the sustainability goals of the "Agenda 2030", which the global community launched in 2015.


Consideration of sustainability

Life cycle assessments (LCA) or environmental product declarations (EPD) are important tools that present the impact of a product on the environment and enable comparisons of environmental performance between different products. Aspects such as energy efficiency, heat and pressure loss, durability, pollutants, and recyclability are considered.


aquatherm EPD

How to reduce negative impacts on our ecosystem with sustainable products.

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Sustainable piping systems from aquatherm

From production to installation to recycling, our systems are designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

By volume, a piping system is not a big part of a building, but the wrong piping system can have a big impact on sustainability. Piping systems that discharge chemicals into drinking water affect both people and local groundwater over time.

Pipes that corrode or calcify reduce energy efficiency and eventually need to be replaced, shortening the life of other building components that need to be removed for retrofitting. Pipes that leak waste water and cause mould, affects indoor air quality. Using aquatherm pipes avoids all these problems and can help support green building programmes.

aquatherm pipes are non-leaching and recyclable, so the pipe material is not wasted. PP-R/PP-RCT does not corrode or form deposits, so the systems typically outlast the buildings in which they are installed. And the heat-welded joints last even longer, with no leaks or maintenance.

In addition, aquatherm adheres to the strictest production standards for sustainability, uses environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, and is constantly working on further improvements. Even the production of polypropylene is clean, as it is a by-product of crude oil processing. 3% of crude oil is used for plastic production, which has a much smaller impact than the mining and smelting used to produce metals.

Ultimately, aquatherm's pipes and fittings are environmentally friendly to manufacture, durable and recyclable.

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Advantages at a glance

aquatherm piping systems and their characteristics

  • lower thermal conductivity (0.15 W/mK)
  • lifetime > 50 years
  • no incrustation
  • corrosion resistant
  • product properties remain unchanged over the entire service life

Contribution to low-pollution building (air exchange rate 0.75)

  • no pollutant emissions into the room air
  • no pollutant release to water
  • no emission of pollutants in buildings
  • no plasticisers like bisphenol
  • odourless
  • tasteless 

  • material recycling possible through regranulation
  • resource-saving energetic utilisation possible

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