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aquatherm orange system is preferably used as industrial or sports floor heating. The panel heating pipe combines many advantages. For example, it is made of the durable and corrosion-resistant material polyethylene, which provides for its stress cracking resistance and very good long-term internal pressure behaviour combined with high flexibility. Even at higher temperatures aquatherm orange system is characterized by an excellent creep resistance. The heating pipe is provided with an oxygen barrier layer in accordance with DIN EN 1264. aquatherm orange system is also used as radiator connection pipe.

Technical specifications

  • excellent creep strength even at higher temperatures
  • low friction losses
  • high flexibility
  • oxygen-tight according to DIN EN 1264 due to EVOH coating

  • New construction panel heating
  • Old building panel heating
  • Industrial floor
  • Sports floor

aquatherm orange system-Surface heating pipes

made of polyethylene (PE-RT)

Item no. Nominal dimension Ring length
90026 16 x 2.0 mm 250 m
90036 16 x 2.0 mm 500 m
90037 17 x 2.0 mm 500 m
90028 20 x 2.0 mm 250 m
90030 25 x 2.3 mm 250 m
90038 20 x 2.0 mm 500 m


aquatherm orange system surface heating pipes consist of the material polyethylene (PE-RT) in combination with external EVOH barrier layer according to DIN EN 1264 / 16833 / ISO 22391-1,2,5.

They have a unique molecular structure with controlled side-chain distribution, which provides excellent stress cracking resistance and very good long-term internal pressure behaviour combined with high flexibility.


aquatherm orange system-surface heating pipe – art. no. 90026 – 16 x 2,0 mm – oxygen tight –  DIN EN 1264 – DIN 16833 – date/time of manufacture – machine number – Mtr. marking – Made in Germany

In addition, each coil is printed consecutively with the number of metres. Each ring bundle is accompanied by an instruction leaflet with the labelling data.


aquatherm orange system heating pipes can be laid cold from the roll without pre-tempering. For practical reasons the heating pipes should always be laid with the aquatherm orange system pipe reel.

Connection technology

For the type of pipe used in each case, only the pipe connection specified by the manufacturer is to be used. 

aquatherm orange system connectors and manifold connection fittings comply with the requirement profile of the design types of DIN 8076, part 1, demanded in DIN EN 1264.

Linear expansion

aquatherm orange system surface heating pipes for wet installation are embedded directly into the heating screed.

A change in length due to a temperature difference is prevented when embedded in a heated screed or concrete. The material absorbs the resulting stresses so that they are not critical.

Oxygen tightness

The aquatherm orange system surface heating pipes with oxygen barrier layer are manufactured in a specially developed extrusion process. 

The EVOH coating (ethylene vinyl alcohol), which is extruded onto or into the base pipe over the entire surface, gives the pipe an optimum seal. The adhesive layer between the base pipe and the barrier layer gives a strong adhesion, thus withstanding the toughest site conditions. 

The oxygen-tight aquatherm orange system surface heating pipes comply with DIN EN 1264.

System separation by means of a heat exchanger is not necessary in the sense of DIN EN 1264 when using these pipes.

Heating water additives

Basically, only heating water additives may be used whose harmlessness towards the materials used by aquatherm has been established. Heating water additives must be expressly approved by aquatherm.

The use of corrosion inhibitors is not necessary when using aquatherm orange system surface heating pipes.


The aquatherm orange system surface heating pipes are packed in light-proof cartons suitable for the construction site to protect them against mechanical damage or impairment by UV rays. 

The pipe bundles are to be stored in their packaging until final installation. 

The pipes are supplied as a coil. Remaining bundles are to be stored in the carton again.

External monitoring

The monitoring contracts required within the framework of DIN-Certco were concluded with the SKZ (Süddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum Würzburg). 


aquatherm orange system surface heating pipes are self-monitored according to the requirements in the manufacturer’s works.


New construction panel heating

More than three decades of experience in the production and application of underfloor heating systems and the permanent further development towards an energy-saving and efficient technology made aquatherm one of the most experienced and at the same time worldwide successful manufacturers of underfloor heating systems.

The functional efficiency of an underfloor heating system is largely determined by the high quality of the components used:

Heating pipe

  • Distribution technology
  • Control engineering
  • Insulation materials
  • further system accessories

Industrial floor heating

aquatherm industrial panel heating systems are designed as hot water heating with plastic pipes (PE-RT-pipes) integrated in the floor construction.

Industrial panel heating systems are used in:


  • Production halls
  • Market Halls
  • Exhibition halls
  • Assembly halls
  • Maintenance hangars
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Logistics centres
  • Warehouses
  • High-bay warehouses
  • Distribution Centers

Sports floor heating

The right sports floor and an invisible heating system give athletes the comfort they need to practice their sport to the full. Sports floor heating systems save space. They do not take up any floor space and therefore leave all design options open to the architect.

aquatherm-sports floor heating systems create a balanced temperature profile for the whole hall by even heat emission, and thus provide more comfort and a healthy room climate: Unnecessary draughts and dust turbulences as with other heating systems are avoided. aquatherm- sports floor heating systems are also suitable for all construction variants.


Industrial floor heating

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Sports floor heating

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