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Attendorn, October 25 2023

Production site in Radeberg to be closed      

Relocation of production and logistics to the aquatherm headquarters 
aquatherm will close its manufacturing site in Radeberg in the course of the 1st half of 2024. The change in demand and shifts within the product portfolio as well as the optimisation of capacities and last but not least the globally challenging economic development in recent years have made this difficult decision without alternative.

Since 1992, the Radeberg plant near Dresden has been a production and logistics location for aquatherm piping systems. The site specialises in the production of the small pipe dimensions of the aquatherm green product family for the target markets of the Middle East, China and Egypt. "Due to various causes, the local demand for these products has been falling steadily in recent years. Therefore, the volume can be completely covered by our main site in Attendorn today and also in the foreseeable future," explain the aquatherm managing directors Christof, Dirk and Maik Rosenberg. "Accordingly, we will relocate the production and logistics areas to our headquarters in the coming months." 

Affected are 40 employees. "The path to this decision was and continues to be marked by many gloomy thoughts. We regret the necessity and the lack of alternatives for this decision and feel for all the employees affected," said the managing directors. 
In summary, this step means a sustainable improvement for the aquatherm company. The existing capacities in Attendorn, which have been professionally developed in recent years, can be used more efficiently. "In this way, we will continue to strengthen our competitiveness and thus also the attractiveness and security of the jobs in Attendorn while maintaining the same high quality and reliability centralised at one location."


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