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The processing of our pipe systems is quick and simple - if you know how it is done. 

For the connection of aquatherm pipe systems, you have different possibilities at your disposal. Whether welding or plugging, with the fusion techniques of aquatherm you quickly create a permanently tight connection. No open flame is necessary for this. Instead, you heat the pipe and fitting briefly with the help of our tools and then join them together. The resulting homogeneous and material-locking unit is extremely durable - at the connection point, the material is even more stable than before welding. For you, this means double safety at the otherwise particularly critical points of a piping system. Pinning is especially becoming increasingly popular with processors. We at aquatherm have recognised this trend and offer you suitable products, which are available immediately from stock.

You can learn in our videos about how the processing of our products works, which tools you need for it, and different pipe systems of aquatherm.


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