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AQUATHERM RED at a glance
Advantages at a glance


High corrosion resistance
Short processing time
Lighter than metallic materials
Non-visible fire protection
Sealing elements are not required
High impact strength
Processing even at temperatures below 0 °C
Product information

What can AQUATHERM RED do?

aquatherm red is the first plastic sprinkler pipe system certified by VDS Schadenverhütung GmbH, Europe's largest institute for corporate safety. The material used, fusiolen PP-R FS, was developed for the special requirements of sprinkler systems. aquatherm red offers a high level of safety due to its flame-retardant properties and its corrosion resistance, which saves resources and protects the environment. The pipe and fitting welding also ensures a tight connection.

Fields of application

Fields of application

Fire protection and sprinkler systems
The technology in detail

What should you know about AQUATHERM RED?

From the main line to the sprinkler/wall hydrant, aquatherm red pipes cover the complete piping system in the available diameters: 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110 and 125 mm (DN15 - 90).

The SDR (Standard Dimension Ratio) is a key figure indicating the pressure resistance. In order to guarantee a certain pressure resistance, a certain maximum SDR number is necessary, depending on the type of material. The following applies: The greater the wall thickness, the smaller the SDR number, the more pressure-resistant the plastic pipe is. The unit indicates the ratio between outer diameter and wall thickness of a pipe.

aquatherm red is available in SDR size 7.4.

aquatherm red is made of fusiolen PP-R FS. Due to its flame retardant properties and its corrosion resistance, the plastic pipe offers a high level of safety. aquatherm red is suitable for direct installation in concrete. By comparison: When using metal sprinkler systems, corrosion occurs as soon as the metal and the wet concrete meet. Corrosion can only be prevented with the help of special protection, which makes the installation of metal pipe systems in concrete complex and expensive. The piping system is not only suitable for sprinkler systems as a wet system (in concrete or F30 ceiling areas), but also for low-pressure fine spray technology.


How can AQUATHERM RED be processed?

aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected by heat fusion, which creates a homogeneous, cohesive unit with no leak paths. Heat fusion connections are stronger than the pipe itself, providing lasting safety at these critical points of a piping system. A properly executed aquatherm fusion creates a permanent leakproof connection.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions that customers often ask about AQUATHERM RED

You can use aquatherm red exclusively for sprinkler systems. For the application in drinking water, aquatherm red is not suitable or approved.

The aquatherm PP-R FS sprinkler pipe system meets the requirements of building material class B 1 DIN 4102-1/ B-s1,d0 DIN EN 13501 (flame retardant). Compared with natural materials such as wood, cork, or wool, they do not exhibit increased fire gas toxicity. Therefore, no dioxin is produced during combustion.

Your aquatherm contact person is at your disposal for further information or for tangible project enquiries.

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All fire prevention systems which can prove equivalent licensing are suited for aquatherm red.


The following companies offer suitable fire protecion solutions:

Conlit 150 U:
GmbH & Co. KG
Rockwool Straße 37-41
45966 Gladbeck
Tel: +49 2043 408 0

Flamro Brandschutz
Vertriebs GmbH
Am Sportplatz 2
56291 Leiningen
Tel. +49 6746 9410-0
Mail: info(at)

Hilti Deutschland AG
Hiltistrasse 2 · 86916 Kaufering
Tel: +49 800 888 ·

aquatherm red pipes can be stored in all outside temperatures. Pipes should be stored and transported flat and fully supported along their length. Bending pressures are to be avoided. High impact should be avoided at externely low temperatures. Although aquatherm red pipe pipes are extremely robust, it is recommended to treat the material always with care.

Pipes from fusiolen® PP-R FS should not be installed (without protection) where subject to UV-radiation. All aquatherm red pipes and fittings are supplied in UV-protected packaging to bridge transport and assembly time. Ultraviolet rays have an influence on all high polymeric plastics. Hence, pipes should not be stored unprotected outside for a long time. The maximum storage time is (outside) 6 months.


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