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Effective protection not only for industrial and commercial construction - To ensure effective fire protection, a sprinkler system is often essential, whether in industrial or commercial construction, hotels or stadiums.

aquatherm red is a plastic sprinkler pipe system with very special material properties: It is flame retardant (building material class B1) and offers maximum safety thanks to the welding of pipe and fitting.

Another advantage becomes apparent when the pipe is laid directly in concrete: 
Due to its extremely corrosion-resistant material, aquatherm red is a particularly suitable option for this. For comparison: 
When using metal sprinkler systems, corrosion occurs as soon as the metal and the wet concrete meet. Corrosion can only be prevented with the aid of special protection, which makes the installation of metal pipe systems in concrete complex and expensive.

Compared to metallic pipes, aquatherm red also has a considerably lower weight. Of course, aquatherm red is VdS and IBS certified.


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