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How can AQUATHERM BLACK be installed?

Depending on the type of register, the individual elements are connected to each other or to the pipe either by welding or plug-in connection.

Welding: aquatherm black is connected by means of “heating element socket welding”. By heating the connecting parts, the plastic melts to form a materially bonded and inseparable connection. The individual registers can be connected directly in parallel on one side or alternately on the other. With the extensive aquatherm green pipe moulding range single connections as well as large systems can be completely constructed, including distribution technology.

Plug-in connection: aquatherm black is easily and safely connected by means of quick connectors when installed in suspended ceilings. The aquatherm black system register is provided with plug-in connections 16 mm, over which the plug-in connector only has to be plugged up to the stop. The retaining ring has stainless steel teeth and holds the connector in place in the connector. The two integrated O-rings create a completely tight and secure connection. Retaining ring and O-ring are held in position by a brass circlip.


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