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Unlimited possibilities with AQUATHERM BLACK - Pleasant warmth in winter, pleasant coolness in summer: with surface heating and cooling systems, a pleasant temperature control succeeds in every season.

Products from aquatherm are not only characterised by their energy-saving operation, but also by their versatility. Whether as a cooling ceiling in the office, as wall heating in the living room or as floor heating in a renovated old building - the possibilities are almost unlimited. After all, our aquatherm black surface heating and cooling system made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene can be installed in drywall construction, in plastered ceilings, walls or in suspended coffered ceilings.

This makes it invisible afterwards and thus allows the greatest possible design freedom. With our aquatherm black high-performance modules, the heating and cooling of buildings becomes even more efficient. This is a further development of the aquatherm black registers for heating and cooling, which are combined with heat conducting sheets and aluminium support plates. The flat bonding guarantees simple and quick installation in various ceiling systems. And thanks to reduced connection technology, the costs per square metre of installed ceiling are reduced.

Product details


For the next level of performance, aquatherm black offers a grid-based radiant solution that can be used in walls or ceilings. Radiant panels provide comfortable, energy-efficient heating and cooling of the space, using lower operating temperatures for easy integration with on-site energy.

No draught, therefore maximum comfort
Silent operation
No additional dust
Natural storage capacity of the building is preserved
Optimal solution for renovation and refurbishment
Modular design, quick, easy installation
Even temperature distribution
Diffusiontight design
Low installation height
High architectural design freedom
High energy efficiency

aquatherm black heating/cooling registers are installed between the supporting profiles of the substructure. After that, the ceiling is covered with plasterboard. Large areas in office and administration buildings or even entrance and event halls can be heated and cooled with aquatherm black. Whether it is a large project or a single-family house, retrofitting during renovation or maintenance work can be carried out quickly, easily and cleanly. The low installation height reduces the room height only minimally and creates more usable living space by eliminating radiators.

The registers for heating and cooling are placed in the metal cassette. Due to the direct contact of the registers on the sheet metal or acoustic fleece, a good power transmission is guaranteed. In offices or surgeries aquatherm black system provides draught-free cooling in summer and pleasant warmth on cold days.


The registers for heating and cooling are installed in the stud frame of a drywall and then covered with plasterboard. One area of application is, for example, installation during renovation work where it is no longer possible to lay the panels in the floor or ceiling, or in the case of subsequently installed walls to separate rooms.


The aquatherm black registers are integrated directly under the raw ceiling into the plaster layer. The custom-made registers and the connecting piping are fixed to the ceiling. The plastering is carried out in compliance with the general plastering guidelines. All commercially available plasters made of gypsum, lime, cement and clay are suitable. The low construction height of the aquatherm black and the loss-free heat emission via the enclosing material are optimal to generate a healthy warmth.


aquatherm black system heating/cooling registers are installed between the supporting battens of the substructure. After that, the ceiling is covered with plasterboard. Plasterboard of different thermal conductivities can be used. With an insulation executed according to the EnEV, aquatherm black shows its advantages in the new building or the living space extension by the attic conversion. This means that the radiant heat can be used optimally with a low flow temperature. Heat accumulation in the gable area is a thing of the past.


Also as underfloor heating aquatherm black scores. A dust whirling up as with radiators usual does not take place. The even surface heat prevents the growth of dust mites and the formation of mould. Whether open screed in workshops, production halls or garages, tiles, parquet and laminate in apartments and houses, the floor construction can be individually and diversely executed.



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