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Why surface heating and cooling

Why surface heating and cooling systems?

In today's world, the energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems is the focus of various sustainability efforts. Surface heating and cooling systems are superior to conventional heating solutions in many ways. Overall, they offer a promising alternative to traditional heating and cooling solutions, especially in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency and improved living comfort.

Advantages of surface heating and cooling systems

Surface heating and cooling systems are characterised by their low energy consumption. They use low flow temperatures and at the same time, an equivalent or even better heating or cooling performance compared to traditional systems. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also ongoing operating costs.

A key advantage of surface heating and cooling systems is their compatibility with renewable energy sources. Land systems can be designed for solar energy or geothermal energy, for example, which has a positive effect on the CO2 balance and minimises dependence on fossil fuels.

The systems ensure an even temperature distribution in the room. Heating emanates from individual radiators with conventional heating solutions. With surface heating systems, heat is distributed evenly over the entire ceiling, wall, or floor area, depending on the installation location, which ensures a comfortable indoor climate.

Surface heating and cooling systems help to improve indoor air quality. They reduce the circulation of dust and allergens, therefore enabling a healthier working and living environment.

The integration of surface heating and cooling systems into the building structure offers the advantage of saving space. This eliminates bulky radiators and visible plumbing, contributing to a more aesthetically pleasing room design.

aquatherm black

aquatherm black is a multi-award-winning surface heating and cooling system. Versatile in use, manufactured in a compact register design, and equipped with a future-proof technology - these are some of the essential features of aquatherm black. The special feature: It can be installed in the ceiling as well as in the wall and the floor. 

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