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Deficiencies in water quality can literally spoil the fun of swimming in the pool - with correspondingly negative consequences for the pool operator.

Fortunately, with the piping systems from aquatherm, you don't have to worry about this: aquatherm blue ensures, among other things, that perfectly cleaned water remains perfectly clean during transport - thanks to the material polypropylene, which is not only self-insulating and corrosion-resistant, but also particularly temperature- and pressure-resistant. The system is rounded off by its exceptionally good welding properties, which ensure strong connections, a long service life and maximum safety.

And as a swimming pool operator, you can also rely on us above water: aquatherm not only offers you piping systems for water management and transport, but also for all needs in the area of heating, ventilation and cooling - for example as surface heating.

aquatherm blue

aquatherm blue made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene is a specialist for the transport of cooling and heating media in closed systems. The physical properties of the plastic are also convincing when used in swimming pool technology. 

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