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Industrial and residential buildings


aquatherm offers a comprehensive range of pre-insulated pipe systems for industrial applications and large building complexes such as hotel resorts. This enables the transport of hot or cold liquids with a very low energy loss.


The aquatherm energy half-shell solution makes the installation much easier, cheaper and faster. It consists of two PUR foam shells coated with a black, high-density and hard-wearing polyurea layer. The half-shells are mounted directly on 45 - 90 degree bends, as well as on T-pieces and straight joints. This creates a watertight and stable joint with very good insulating properties, which ensures a long service life.

For special solutions such as manifolds and other pipe constructions, aquatherm offers prefabrication of these items in its own workshop to save time on site.


  • No steel welding equipment required 
  • Fast laying which reduces installation costs  
  • Flexible installation thanks to polypropylene material
  • Low weight facilitates handling and installation 
  • Better insulation values of polypropylene in PP plastic compared to steel  
  • No corrosion: high level of safety over the entire service life  
  • More environmentally friendly production and good recycling possibilities compared to steel
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