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Heating logistics halls, production and assembly halls, warehouses and the like effectively and efficiently - it's possible. Our surface heating systems for industrial and commercial halls make it possible.

Central air heaters, dark or light radiators may heat commercially used halls effectively - but by no means efficiently. The aquatherm orange system, on the other hand, is excellently suited as an industrial floor heating system: Excellent creep strengths, low friction and heat losses, outstanding flexibility and corrosion resistance make the aquatherm orange system a solution for industrial and production halls that is not only efficient but also more sustainable than other heating solutions.

We carry out our industrial panel heating as hot water heating with plastic pipes (PE-RT pipes) integrated in the floor construction.


aquatherm orange system at a glance

aquatherm orange is made of extremely durable and corrosion-resistant polyethylene - a material that scores with its stress cracking resistance and very good long-term internal pressure behaviour combined with high flexibility. In combination with the excellent creep resistance even at higher temperatures, the aquatherm orange system is perfectly suited as industrial and sports floor heating.


Absolutely corrosion resistant
High flexibility
Low friction losses
Excellent creep resistance even at higher temperatures
Oxygen-tight according to DIN EN 1264 due to EVOH coating

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