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Friedrichshafen, Germany

The challenge

For the “mikado” office complex, the clients were looking for a surface heating and cooling system that could be flexibly integrated into the specially developed expanded metal ceiling and that would optimally temper the rooms.

The Solution

The aquatherm black system fulfilled the requirements due to the precisely fitting production and scored with an easy installation, an energy-saving operation and a very good controllability.


Surface heating and cooling system


aquatherm black


Specially developed expanded metal ceiling with integrated aquatherm black provides warmth and coolness in the “mikado”.– Innovative design, feel-good character and state-of-the-art building technology: “mikado” combines these three factors. The building complex with modern office landscapes is the new architectural eye-catcher in Friedrichshafen and immediately shows that a special concept has been implemented here – both outside and inside.

The owners and planners of the three-part building complex – the married couple Sandra Gramm, architect, and Ingo Gramm, owner of Gramm GmbH & Co KG, a company for metal facades and roofs – have realised a lifelong dream with “mikado”. Various tenants and Sandra Gramm as architect have found new office space on over 4000 square metres in building sections 1 and 2. Building section 3 with around 4000 square meters of space, including 1500 square meters of office space, is currently being constructed and will be inaugurated at the end of 2022.

The unusual façade gives the building project its name: bronze-coloured struts on the glass façade, placed randomly at first glance, are reminiscent of the game of skill Mikado. They reflect the points of contact between people in their daily work and the promotion of the ability to concentrate. As individual as each Mikado litter, the intelligent room concept is always variable and can be adapted to the respective needs. The generous glass façade allows light to enter and provides views of orchards and, with a good view, across the nearby Lake Constance to the Alps.

High optical and technical demands

The special design is also continued in the interior. When it came to the ceiling design, standard products were out of the question for Sandra and Ingo Gramm. “The market did not offer us a ceiling system that met our quality requirements,” says Sandra Gramm. That’s why Mr. and Mrs. Gramm developed their own expanded metal ceiling: bronze-colored like the Mikado bars on the exterior façade, it fits perfectly into the concept. “We attach great importance to sustainability and set high standards visually, which is why our ceiling is characterised not only by its unique technology, but also by its modern and changeable design,” explains Sandra Gramm. “Technical highlights are the exact cross joints with the smallest tolerance and an individual hanging system where you can unhinge each cassette individually.” LED light strips are integrated flush into the joints and the edge pieces of the ceiling were realized by edge friezes, in which slots for the supply air find place. The edge friezes provide a seamless transition, which eliminates fitting pieces. “Furthermore, our ceiling provides an open system for exhaust air, with no visible exhaust ports.”

The heating and cooling technology concealed in the expanded metal ceiling is also exceptional. The surface heating and cooling system aquatherm black was installed in the approximately 5000 ceiling elements. The black registers made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene ensure an optimum room temperature in cooling and heating mode by means of an even exchange of radiation with the surfaces surrounding the room. Draughts or dust swirling up are excluded by this process and the thermal comfort in the room increases. Due to the small installation distance of the register pipes and the resulting high surface density of the aquatherm black per square meter, the system can be operated with lower flow temperatures than conventional heating systems or higher flow temperatures than other cooling systems. In combination with its fast reactivity, it enables a particularly efficient and energy-saving operation under changing conditions. An acoustic fleece also has a sound-absorbing effect and ensures a pleasant working atmosphere.

Precisely manufactured in the aquatherm factory

The single elements of the aquatherm black were manufactured at the aquatherm headquarter in Attendorn in the south of Westphalia in the dimensions 56 x 60 cm, so that they could be inserted quickly and uncomplicatedly into the single ceiling elements in the object. The supply line between the registers was made with the help of a connecting corrugated pipe and a plug-in socket. The corrugated tube allows for a flexible but unobtrusive connection, while the quick connector with locking clip creates a completely tight, yet detachable connection. Kaufmann GmbH & Co. Stuckateur und Trockenbau KG from Kißlegg was completed the installation.

Sandra Gramm: “aquatherm black fits perfectly to our room concept and was the best possibility to temper the rooms optimally. The simple installation, which went off without a hitch, and the flexibility of the system are clear advantages. The temperatures are reliably controllable. By the correct installation of aquatherm black we create a pleasant room climate. The rooms are evenly cooled due to the sophisticated planning.”

The connection of the surface heating and cooling system was realized by a Tichelmann-distribution made of aquatherm blue-pipes. aquatherm blue, also made of the plastic polypropylene, is a specialist for the transport of cooling and heating media in closed systems and is therefore particularly suitable for various industrial applications.


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