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Five steps to the finished component:

It is not without reason that the trend towards prefabricated manifolds and special components is emerging in modern pipeline construction. After all, prefabrication in the sanitary, heating, and air-conditioning sector offers many different advantages. aquatherm plans and builds manifolds and special components directly in its own factory according to the customer's specifications, then ships them ready for installation to any place in the world. For this, only the corresponding planning data, 3D drawings, and/or sketches with dimensions are required. Subsequently, aquatherm delivers an offer which includes material extracting and drawing. A competent team of experienced technicians are at the customer's disposal.

In the following we outline our entire prefabrication process. It takes no more than five steps to produce a finished component:

You provide us with your project data. Together we review your existing documents. If required, we will also be happy to support you with the preliminary planning.

You record all important information that belongs to your project on the aquatherm distribution query forms. The planning team then checks this information for plausibility and completeness. You can download the form for sanitary, heating, and cooling systems.

The planning team forwards the documents to the design department to make a detailed CAD drawing. You will then receive the drawing for inspection and production approval. On request, we will send you our CAD data to enable you to transfer to your existing planning software.

The piping systems, manifolds and special components are then manufactured by our 25-member team in our prefabrication department on a production area of approx. 1600 sqm. After completion, the prefabricated elements are subjected to a tightness and function test by aquatherm before they leave the factory. This means aquatherm can offer a guarantee of 10 years with a sum insured of 20 million euros per case of damage.

After checking the individual assemblies, the finished piping systems, manifolds and/or special components are delivered to the construction site with the help of the wholesale trade.

Prefabrication checklist

What to look out for in prefabrication

There are a few points you can consider that will make the prefabrication process even easier for you. Detailed information and a checklist are available in our aquatherm prefabrication guide.

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