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Extension of large bakery







Garrel, Germany



To solve a complex heat supply situation, a heating and cooling system was sought, which works particularly energy-saving.


A heating-cooling ceiling with aquatherm black system meets the customer‘s high demands for efficiency and comfort.



aquatherm black



Energy consultant Matthias Hinxlage counts on aquatherm surface heating systems – “Conventional is for others”, says heating engineer, energy consultant and solider Matthias Hinxlage from Garrel, Lower Saxony. Hinxlage likes to devote himself and his deep expertise to particularly complex tasks in supplying heat with maximum efficiency. The big bakery in the neighbourhood is such a case.

In his first professional life Matthias Hinxlage was a master chimney sweep. His hobby, however, was always optimizing the efficiency of heating systems, and he ultimately became a certified energy consultant of the craft. Over time, he became so passionate about the topic of energy-saving heating systems that the mere consulting activity alone was no longer sufficient – he also wanted to implement the self-developed measures himself. So it came that Hinxlage also made his master in the heating construction trade and founded his own HVAC company..

Word spread that Hinxlage had a skilled company that could handle particularly demanding cases. For example, simple “08/15 jobs,” like the change-out of boiler in a single-family home, are more of an exception in his company.

“Others can do that as well as me. On the other hand, I especially like to devote myself to more complex heat supply situations in the commercial or industrial sector that others do not like to approach and for which you need a special instinct for planning if you want to be really good in the end,” says Hinxlage.

Hinxlage’s definition of a “perfectly good” job is one in which every last joule of energy can be put to good use by optimizing the design and tuning of the individual components thus preventing any waste. According to Hinxlage‘s ideas, a sufficiently complex contract with great energy-saving potential was right on his doorstep: the Behrens-Meyer bakery, with approximately 4,200 m² of production and dispatch space, was directly across the street. The family business with around 80 branches employs 750 people. The boss, Bernhard Meyer, and managing director, Laurenz Hinxlage (a namesake of the heating engineer), attach importance to energy-efficient building technology in addition to state-of-the-art production facilities. They were happy to be assisted by Matthias Hinxlage. 

When a two-story extension was built in the summer of 2017, Hinxlage‘s competence was once again in demand. A new construction project according to KfW 55 standard with a heated area of 1,000 m² was planned and implemented for the administration – a non-heated area of 400 m² on the ground floor serves as warehouse extension.

Heating technology for maximum efficiency

The heat supply throughout the complex (also in the older parts of the building) is provided by two cascaded gas condensing boilers of 120 kW in combination with a combined heat and power plant (CHP) with 15 kW electrical and 30 kW thermal power as well as a 22,000-liter buffer tank. Hinxlage developed a closed system here. For example, two large dishwashers are supplied with approximately 50 °C hot water, the leaving cold water at 10-12 °C is fed to the cooling units and then returns to the CHP at a temperature of approx. 40 °C. The administrative rooms feature controlled ventilation.The heating and cooling is done with aquatherm black. Hinxlage particularly likes to work with this unique surface heating and cooling system because it has proven to be an ideal and cost-effective problem solver for a multitude of different applications

The versatile aquatherm black

Hinxlage has been using aquatherm black for several years. He applies it mainly in three areas: on 6 cm thick filigree ceilings as concrete core activation – such ceilings are often installed in the region; in the classic drywall as a ceiling heating and cooling element and as wall heating (for example in the shower area). In the bakery Behrens-Meyer aquatherm black grids were installed in all suspended ceiling constructions of the sanitary rooms. In addition, they are used in the office and administrative rooms in metal cassettes with a standard spacing of 62.5 x 62.5 cm for ceiling heating and cooling. The ingenious aquatherm surface heating and cooling system creates a pleasant indoor climate without creating drafts. Depending on the selected water temperature, the system can be used for either heating or cooling. Because of its small dimensions, aquatherm black can be laid tight under the plaster or the dry element. The assembly height including collector, mounting rail and connections is only 24.5 mm. The individual grids are equipped with rectangular distributors/collectors, which are arranged alternately. This allows easy connection (e.g. by the Tichelmann method).

Durable and easy to install

aquatherm black is made exclusively from fusiolen® PP-R. The material is characterized by its special high heat and extraction stability. The physical properties are tailored to the specific needs of the heating and cooling sector. The grids are easy, time-saving, and safe to process and fit perfectly in the metal cassettes. The attachment is done here by means of magnets. In this project around 500 grid elements were used. Aquatherm black is simply and securely connected when mounted in suspended ceilings using quick connectors. Other possible connections include a sliding sleeve connection, a welded connection, an internal thread connection or a male thread connection.

Customized solutions are possible

An added feature of aquatherm black is the possibility of getting custom-made measurements from the manufacturer. Customer-specific requests are possible not only in the field of surface heating and cooling: Thanks to aquatherm prefabrication, customers can rely on individual solutions for plumbing, heating and air-conditioning installations of all kinds. To start the process, only the corresponding planning data, 3D drawings and/or sketches with dimensions are required. Subsequently, aquatherm will supply a quotation including material extracts and drawings. And all along the way a competent team of experienced technicians will stand by the craftsman with help and advice.

“At aquatherm I almost always find a solution,” confirms Hinxlage. “The distributors and special components are manufactured directly in the factory according to my specifications and are delivered ready for installation.”

The new building of the bakery Behrens-Meyer has been in operation for two years. Aquatherm black had the opportunity to contribute to a pleasant indoor climate both during the last hot summer as well as in the winter.

“The heating-cooling ceiling with aquatherm black meets our high standards of efficiency and comfort,” confirms the management of the major bakery Behrens-Meyer. “Hinxlage Energietechnik GmbH planned and implemented a future-proof system that guarantees lasting pleasant working conditions.”

Heating engineer Matthias Hinxlage is meanwhile on the way to new and complex heating projects.

“At aquatherm I almost always find a solution. The distributors and special components are manufactured directly in the factory according to my specifications and are delivered ready for installation.”

Matthias Hinxlage, heating engineer and energy consultant

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