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Hybrid-Superyacht „Artefact“






Nobiskrug shipyard, Rendsburg, Germany


The Challenge

Highest quality in all areas – this should also apply to the piping systems used on the hybrid superyacht “Artefact” for drinking water, waste water and technical water.


The Solution

Products of aquatherm are not only corrosion resistant, but convinced in the context of the new construction of the “Artefact” among other things by their isolating effect and safe connection technology.



Drinking water
Waste water
Technical water


Hybrid superyacht “Artefact” relies on solar modules, innovative propulsion system and corrosion-free piping systems – That the “Artefact” is something special is already suggested by her name: The 80-metre hybrid superyacht, built by the Nobiskrug shipyard in Rendsburg, which specialises in the construction of customised luxury yachts, aims to be an object of cultural and historical interest created by human hands – an artefact.

The goal of the design and construction was to create an unprecedented yachting experience with the highest level of guest comfort while minimizing the impact on fragile ecosystems. This has been achieved: The “Artefact” with its leading environmentally friendly features is one of the first yachts built under the new IMO Tier III regulations to minimize emissions and environmental impact.

With a gross tonnage of 2999, the “Artefact” is currently the highest volume superyacht in the world. As an engineer and savvy businessman, the owner’s goal was to minimize emissions and environmental impact. That’s why the challenge was to push the boundaries of engineering by using cutting-edge technologies to promote cleaner seas and significantly improved fuel efficiency. Among other things, solar modules and a battery storage system mean that the yacht can be operated without combustion engines for a limited time. An innovative propulsion system – consisting of a DC bus, batteries and a diesel-electric ABB Azipod drive – combined with an advanced dynamic positioning system, allows the vessel to hold position without dropping anchor. This protects the sensitive seabed. Custom six-blade propellers minimize noise and vibration while maximizing performance and efficiency, and an advanced wastewater recycling system is used to reuse water in the technical area.

In order not to have to compromise on quality in the area of the piping systems of the “Artefact”, Nobiskrug Werft also uses products from aquatherm. For the drinking water piping aquatherm green  was used. The odourless and tasteless piping system, which is made of the plastic polypropylene, is particularly suitable for drinking water applications due to its ecological properties, as it is completely free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Another advantage is its corrosion resistance,
which is particularly important in maritime applications with their salty environment. Especially compared to metal systems aquatherm green extends the lifetime of the drinking water system considerably. In addition aquatherm green  was used in the Technical Water System of the “Artefact”. Due to its very good thermal insulation properties, it requires significantly less insulation against heat/cold loss or condensate formation when the temperature falls below the dew point compared to metal pipes – a very great advantage when piping for technical purposes in shipbuilding, e.g. as part of turbine washing.


Another corrosion-free aquatherm product was used for the piping of the yacht’s modern wastewater recycling system: aquatherm blue, a specialist for various industrial applications due to its physical properties. Just like aquatherm green it convinces by the safe connection technology: aquatherm pipes and fittings are physically joined to one piece by heating the material. This prevents any kind of chemical or physical weak point at the connection point, so that the highest level of safety and durability is achieved. In addition, there are very short connection times, which, for example, are only eight seconds for a tube outer diameter of 20 mm. After the fusion aquatherm connections can be put into operation immediately, so that there are no waiting times.

“The advantages of aquatherm products in my opinion are the corrosion resistance, the insulating effect and of course the price compared to metallic materials.”

Reik Brinker, Master Craftsman Pipefitting, Nobiskrug Werft

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