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We take responsibility

As a medium-sized and owner-managed company, we take responsibility: for our employees, for other people and for our environment.

Occupational safety and health protection of our employees are a matter of course for us every day. That is why we have developed a comprehensive occupational safety system. Our goal: Our employees should return home after work just as healthy as when they arrived!

But we are also happy to take on responsibility outside the company, for example through the Gerhard Rosenberg Foundation. She has been supporting projects in Germany and all over the world for many years. For more information, visit the Foundation’s website:

An important component of the company success of aquatherm is consistently lived environmental protection. Therefore, all processes are geared towards the conservation of resources, the minimisation of energy consumption and the avoidance or recycling of waste.

The principle of the circular economy, which is based on the example of nature, points the way. For example, the waste resulting from the economic and production process is recycled to the greatest possible extent and thus processed into new products. This is made possible by our material polypropylene: this is not only characterised by a long service life, but also by its naturally very good environmental compatibility and recyclability. The cooling water required for production is not chemically contaminated and is returned to the water cycle unchanged.

Beyond compliance with legal requirements and regulations, we are committed to continuous and systematic improvement of environmental performance. This is confirmed, among other things, by our ISO-certified environmental and energy management systems. Through various large, but also small measures, we are working to reduce electricity and water consumption as well as CO2 emissions within the production process – a little more every day.


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