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St. Leon-Rot, Germany


The challenge

The primary energy demands of the new company headquarters of dekoGraphics was to be covered regeneratively. Therefore, an efficient and sustainable energy concept was sought to meet this challenge.


The solution

In addition to a heat pump and ice energy storage system, a power roof including a photovoltaic system and charger system was chosen. aquatherm black system was installed as the charger system as well as beneath the photovoltaic modules.


Power Roof



aquatherm black



Power roof with aquatherm black system ensures electrical and thermal energy generation – Covering the primary energy demand regeneratively – that was the goal of the TGA planning for the new company headquarters of dekoGraphics, market leader in thermal transfer printing. Together with products from aquatherm GmbH, Metternich Haustechnik GmbH relied on an efficient and sustainable energy concept consisting of various building blocks in the area of energy generation and use.

In the new dekoGraphics building in St. Leon-Rot near Heidelberg, Metternich Haustechnik GmbH planned and installed a heat pump system with a heating capacity of 45 kW in combination with a 70,000 litre ice energy storage system and a very special technology: A power roof including a photovoltaic system and a charger system which generates electrical as well as thermal energy. An important part of the overall system is played by aquatherm black system, the harp-shaped pipe system made of the corrosion and UV-resistant plastic polypropylene. This was mounted on the flat roof of the building as a so-called solar air absorber and filled with a water-glycol mixture. The system extracts heat from the ambient air and solar radiation, which is used as a direct source for the heat pump as well as for the regeneration of the ice storage tank.


aquatherm black system was installed in two ways: as a charger system and beneath the photovoltaic panels. The charger system consists of several aquatherm black system elements installed on top of each other. These were prefabricated at the aquatherm headquarters in Attendorn and delivered to the construction site ready for installation, including Tichelmann manifolds for hydraulic balancing. This saved a lot of time on the dekoGraphics construction site. Installing the modules one above the other benefits the limited space available on the flat roof and without any loss of efficiency, as the modules mainly use ambient heat and less direct solar radiation. Installed beneath the photovoltaic system, aquatherm black system absorbs heat as an absorber surface and makes it available to the heat pump and ice storage. In addition, the system contributes significantly to the cooling of the photovoltaic system and ensures Increased efficiency in the generation of electricity.

The combination of the two systems – absorber surfaces with aquatherm black system and photovoltaic system – is called a power roof. „This makes double use of the available roof area and significantly increases the efficiency of all existing systems,“ explains Mathias Hahn, commercial director of Metternich Haustechnik GmbH. „The resulting synergy effects are expressed in the extraordinary COP values of the ice energy storage system.“


„In our view, the power roof in combination with an ice storage system and a heat pump represents the most efficient heating system on the market today that is also the most environmentally friendly and economical,“ says Mathias Hahn. „The electrical energy can be used to drive the heat pump and other electrical consumers in the building. The thermal energy is used directly via the heat pump or stored temporarily in the ice storage. This is all done without harming nature. Rather, one makes use of its properties and contributes sustainably to the reduction of CO2 emissions.“

It is not only in the installed system concept that aquatherm products provide sustainable solutions. Polypropylene – a by-product of crude oil processing and raw material of aquatherm piping systems – is one of the two most important standard plastics. Life cycle analyses according to ISO 14040 examine the impact of raw material production on the environment. Studies prove significantly lower CO2 emissions of polypropylene pipes compared to other raw materials, especially steel. aquatherm has been processing this raw material, which is characterised by long service life, very good environmental compatibility, and recyclability, for about 50 years. The plastic waste resulting from the economic and production process is recycled internally and partially processed into new products.


In addition to aquatherm black system, further products from aquatherm were used in the dekoGraphics company headquarters: aquatherm blue was used for the entire heating technology including the connection of the ice energy storage, the heat pump, the charger system, and the power roof. The pipe system is characterised by its high temperature and pressure resistance. Added to this are the exceptionally good welding properties and the fusion into one homogeneous and materially cohesive unit, so a maximum of safety and service life is achieved. In order to guarantee the drinking water distribution in the building, aquatherm green pipe was installed. The hygienically perfect, odorless, and tasteless pipe system guarantees the preservation of the drinking water quality. aquatherm green pipe is not only corrosion resistant, but physiologically and microbiologically harmless and has proven its technical suitability in decades of worldwide application.


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