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aquatherm products - sustainable and weight-saving piping systems for shipbuilding.

The global shipbuilding market has been growing steadily for many years and is undergoing profound change at the same time. Cargo traffic is increasing, as is tourism on the seas. This trend goes hand in hand with an increase in environmental standards. aquatherm supports the maritime industry in solving emerging technical, operational and ecological problems and, thanks to a wide range of high-quality products, integrated systems and additional technologies for the shipbuilding industry, covers all important pipe installations on board a ship: from ballast and cooling systems to solutions for cleaning ballast water, transporting waste water, cooling electrical equipment and hot and cold water distribution systems.

All aquatherm products are corrosion-resistant, rust-free and made of the environmentally friendly material fusiolen® polypropylene. Neither the processing nor the disposal of this recyclable material produces any harmful substances. They also score points with their particularly low weight: while steel has a nominal weight of 7800 kg / m³, aquatherm pipes only weigh 980 kg / m³.

The aquatherm green piping system maintains excellent drinking water quality in the long term. It is not only corrosion-resistant, tasteless and odorless, but also physiologically and microbiologically harmless and has proven its technical suitability and performance worldwide for decades. Over 450 different pipes and fittings in dimensions from 20 to 355 mm ensure safe and simple installation. Prefabricated pipe assemblies are also available.

Stainless and chemically resistant
On board ships and in offshore installations, the right HVAC system is essential for a well-controlled climate and the comfort of passengers and crew. The system must be planned and designed in the best possible way, taking into account the type of ship, health, safety and environmental aspects, to ensure safe and efficient operation. For chilled water units and absorption chillers, there is usually a long-distance network connecting the cooling system to the ventilation units in the cabins and work areas or to the cooling units for electrical equipment.
The typical medium for energy transport is water or a water/glycol mixture, mainly to avoid large refrigerant piping systems. In some applications, seawater can be used as a free cooling medium. For these challenging applications, it is important to select the right pipe system. aquatherm blue (available in dimensions from 20 to 630 mm) is suitable for this application due to its chemical resistance, as it enables a service life of up to 100 years under sustainable operating conditions. Compared to metal or GFR pipes, aquatherm polypropylene pipes have a lower weight, which can help to reduce fuel costs.
Exhaust gas purifiers are used in many industrial processes to remove potentially harmful gas emissions. These gases are produced by combustion in utility and industrial plants. By-products and exhaust gases can include hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), chlorine (Cl2) and sulphur dioxide (SO2). aquatherm blue pipe offers the right solution for exhaust gas cleaning processes as it has a high chemical resistance. And aquatherm piping systems also offer suitable solutions for special exhaust gas purification systems, which are increasingly in demand in response to the legally prescribed sulphur cap.

Suitable for ballast water transportation
To ensure safe operating conditions throughout the ship's voyage, certain parameters relating to lateral stability, roll, trim, maneuverability and stresses in the hull must be determined and maintained. Ballast water systems are used to provide the required weight at strategic locations within the ship. To maintain optimal ballasting of the ship above water and during loading and unloading, ballast and ballast tank systems are installed to transport the ballast water. Piping systems from aquatherm feature high corrosion resistance, maximum safety, high reliability and flexibility as well as a low friction value when controlling the ballast water transport. Combined with fast, reliable and safe welding technologies, these lightweight systems also become a compelling argument for fuel savings.
Ships need to purify ballast water from a variety of marine organisms to avoid serious environmental or human health impacts. Reliable, durable solutions from aquatherm support the shipbuilding industry in all phases of the purification process, from pre-treatment, filtration or coagulation to disinfection by chemical or physical means, and also comply with all international regulations.

aquatherm blue & aquatherm green
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