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aquatherm black system is a multiple awarded surface heating and cooling system. Versatile, manufactured in compact register design and equipped with a future-proof technology – these are some of the essential features of the aquatherm black system. The special feature: It can be installed in the ceiling as well as in the wall and floor. Depending on the requirements, the surface temperature of the elements is driven a few degrees above or below the desired room temperature. The radiant energy provides either pleasant heat or cooling without disturbing draughts or dust turbulence.

aquatherm black system works energy-saving thanks to perfect control technology. The system is ideal for use with low temperature systems such as heat pumps. Building owners and architects can be pleased about the flexible areas of application and the associated freedom of design: whether as a cooling ceiling in the office, as wall heating in the bathroom or as underfloor heating in a renovated old building – the possibilities are almost unlimited. Finally, the panel heating and cooling elements can be installed in drywall construction, in plastered ceilings, walls or in suspended coffered ceilings and are invisible afterwards.


VIDEO: Installation options

VIDEO: Use in the bathroom

Assembly videos



Inform yourself about the installation possibilities of aquatherm black system.

1. Ceiling system with metal substructure

The black system heating/cooling registers are installed between the supporting profiles of the substructure. After that, the ceiling is covered with plasterboard. Large areas in office and administration buildings or even entrance and event halls can be heated and cooled with aquatherm black system. Whether it is a large project or a single-family house, retrofitting during renovation or maintenance work can be carried out quickly, easily and cleanly. The low installation height reduces the room height only minimally and creates more usable living space by eliminating radiators.

2. Metal cassette ceiling

The registers for heating and cooling are placed in the metal cassette. Due to the direct contact of the registers on the sheet metal or acoustic fleece, a good power transmission is guaranteed. In offices or surgeries aquatherm black system provides draught-free cooling in summer and pleasant warmth on cold days.

3. wall system with metal substructure

The registers for heating and cooling are installed in the stud frame of a drywall and then covered with plasterboard. One area of application is, for example, installation during renovation work where it is no longer possible to lay the panels in the floor or ceiling, or in the case of subsequently installed walls to separate rooms.

4. Plastered ceiling and wall system

The aquatherm black system registers are integrated directly under the raw ceiling into the plaster layer. The custom-made registers and the connecting piping are fixed to the ceiling. The plastering is carried out in compliance with the general plastering guidelines. All commercially available plasters made of gypsum, lime, cement and clay are suitable. The low construction height of the aquatherm black system and the loss-free heat emission via the enclosing material are optimal to generate a healthy warmth.

5. Ceiling system with wooden substructure

The black system heating/cooling registers are installed between the supporting battens of the substructure. After that, the ceiling is covered with plasterboard. Plasterboard of different thermal conductivities can be used. With an insulation executed according to the EnEV, aquatherm black system shows its advantages in the new building or the living space extension by the attic conversion. This means that the radiant heat can be used optimally with a low flow temperature. Heat accumulation in the gable area is a thing of the past.

6. Use in the shower area

aquatherm black system registers provide a comfortable warmth in the shower area. Cold radiating tiles and mould formation are a thing of the past. Due to the individual adaptability to shower size and shower fitting, the installation is possible in new and old buildings. Can be connected and combined with the existing radiator or underfloor heating system.

7. Mirror heating and towel warmer

The use of aquatherm black system registers behind the mirror prevents the heated mirror from fogging up. Easy to install and individually adaptable to any mirror size, they are the perfect complement to wall heating in the shower. aquatherm black system registers as invisible towel warmers also offer another comfort solution with double benefit.

8. Floor heating

Also as underfloor heating aquatherm black system scores. A dust whirling up as with radiators usual does not take place. The even surface heat prevents the growth of dust mites and the formation of mould. Whether open screed in workshops, production halls or garages, tiles, parquet and laminate in apartments and houses, the floor construction can be individually and diversely executed.

Technical specifications

  • high comfort due to radiant heat
  • no draught
  • energy-efficient in operation
  • versatile
  • architectural design freedom
  • quick assembly
  • low installation height
  • Suitable for retrofitting




The basic idea of the aquatherm black system is the well-being of the room users: A thermally balanced room should be created.

The principle of the aquatherm black system technology is therefore not to heat and circulate the air, but rather to emit heat radiation from the tempered walls or ceilings directly to the room or the person. A pleasant warmth, as the heating surface temperature can be selected low due to the relatively large heating surfaces. This is an advantage compared to small, hot surfaces such as radiators or convectors.

Due to the lower flow temperature (25-35 °C), the systems are ideally suited in combination with heat generation at a similarly lower temperature level. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for using condensing technology and alternative energies, such as solar, geothermal and waste heat.

Another thermally based advantage is also the reduced air movement. The result is less swirling of house dust and more even humidity.

In total, the wall or ceiling heating saves 25-30% energy costs and makes an important contribution to a healthy indoor climate and the preservation of the value of the building.

Of course the aquatherm black system for wall and ceiling can be combined.


Moderate excess temperatures (25-35 °C) with large heating surfaces create an even radiation balance for the user.

Direct heat radiation on the human body is perceived as cosy warmth. The air temperature can be lower compared to conventional heating techniques (radiators/convectors) and still maintain the thermal comfort for the room user.


Area Application Products
Ceiling Metal aquatherm black system aquatherm black system high performance modules
> Clamping system
> Bandraster
> Sail
gypsum plasterboard aquatherm black system aquatherm black system high performance modules
> perforated
> unperforated
Ceiling system with insert panels aquatherm black system aquatherm black system high performance modules
> Metal insert plates
>Plasterboard inserts
> Insertion system made of mineral fibre
Ceiling system with free convection aquatherm black system
> Unhooked
> Direct mounting
Wall Metal studs aquatherm black system
Wooden studs
Wooden substructure
Floor Floor aquatherm black system
Sport- Industrial floor heating aquatherm orange system

Connection types aquatherm black system



Connections types aquatherm black system – high performance modules


Width of the registers Length of the registers
24 cm

28 cm

32 cm

36 cm

40 cm

48 cm

52 cm

56 cm

60 cm

68 cm

80 cm

100 cm

40 cm

50 cm

60 cm

70 cm

80 cm

90 cm

100 cm

120 cm

140 cm

160 cm

180 cm

200 cm

225 cm

250 cm

275 cm

300 cm

325 cm

350 cm

375 cm

400 cm

425 cm

450 cm

475 cm

500 cm

Our material Fusiolen PP-R

The aquatherm black system is exclusively made of fusiolen® PP-R. This material is characterized by its special high heat and extraction stability. The physical properties are adapted to the special requirements of the heating and cooling sector.

The exceptionally good welding properties and the fusion into a homogeneous and materially cohesive unit offer maximum safety and durability. fusiolen® PP-R is also characterized by high temperature and pressure resistance.

Continuous temperatures of 70 °C can be operated without any problems. As a rule, the aquatherm black system is operated with considerably lower flow temperatures than usual underfloor heating systems.

The actual material stress is therefore lower. Furthermore, fusiolen® offers excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals.

In connection with the aquatherm blue pipe system (also made of fusiolen® PP-R) for air-conditioning, heating and plant engineering aquatherm offers a complete solution from the heat or cooling generator.

Joining technology Part 1: Welding

The aquatherm black system is connected by means of “heating element socket welding”. By heating the connecting parts, the plastic melts to form a materially bonded and inseparable connection. The individual registers can be connected directly in parallel on one side or alternately on the other. With the extensive aquatherm green pipe moulding range single connections as well as large systems can be completely constructed, including distribution technology. Transition connectors to the proven aquatherm grey pipe sliding sleeve technology round off the


Connection technology Part 2: Plug-in connection

The aquatherm black system is easily and safely connected by means of quick connectors when installed in suspended ceilings. The aquatherm black system register is provided with plug-in connections 16 mm, over which the plug-in connector only has to be plugged up to the stop. The retaining ring has stainless steel teeth and holds the connector in place in the connector. The two integrated O-rings create a completely tight and secure connection. Retaining ring and O-ring are held in position by a brass circlip.

NEW: High-performance modules for chilled ceilings

The aquatherm black system high performance modules can be used as heating and cooling system. Their surface temperature is only a few degrees above or below the desired room temperature. This makes the modules ideal for use with heating systems that use renewable energies, such as heat pumps. The uniform heat or cold transfer by means of radiation ensures increased comfort. In addition, there are no draughts or dust swirls, as is the case with air conditioning systems.


  • high heating and cooling capacity due to excellent contact transfer surface
  • short assembly times due to prefabricated, adhesive-active modules
  • noiseless and invisible heating and cooling function
  • no draught
  • excellently suited for the use of heat pump and condensing boiler technology due to low flow and return temperatures
  • high sound absorption with metal ceiling tiles with micro-perforation or with perforated plasterboard tiles
  • retrofittable into already existing metal ceiling system


aquatherm black system

High-performance modules

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