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The aquatherm DNA

DNA comprises the genetic material of all living beings. It is the basis of how we look and what distinguishes us. At aquatherm, our DNA represents the deep inner core of our company. It expresses our self-image and the way we think, communicate, and act.

We are a family business, and we understand this not only as a business but also as a commitment to everyone who works for our company. Our strategic orientation is long-term. We always base our business decisions on the impact they have on our employees and partners. We are passionately committed to “100% Made in Germany,” because we produce exclusively and with the latest manufacturing technology at our two German locations:  Attendorn (headquarters) and Radeberg. Here we feel at home, and here we find the right people to develop and produce high quality products that live up to the claim “state of the pipe.” We are distinguished by our unconditional will to be the leaders in all that we do, and we are pioneers who pave the way into unknown areas time and time again in search of comprehensive and innovative solutions.

Only those who are satisfied can concentrate fully and passionately on the success and future of our brand. Every day, as an employer, we aspire to offer our employees optimal conditions to achieve that concentration. Many values, norms, and rules of conduct — mainly unwritten — make up our interaction with each other and have become a matter of course: we stand for family closeness; respectful, appreciative cooperation; and a “you culture” throughout all levels of the company. Professional and lasting work is our claim, and just as important to us is experiencing joy and meaning!

“aquatherm – values and vision!“

To date, we have still distributed more than 2,000 copies of our book “aquatherm – values and vision” at home and abroad. We are excited about the great interest and the positive feedback.

In the present 2nd update edition we invite you to continue joining us on the colored and for us very valuable way to our values and vision; because we are just like this!